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Payment to be made within 1 week after receiving the confirmation otherwise item will be cancel.
No cancellation or change of orders once payment is made, OR orders is sent.
Goods sold are not refundable.
Only when full payment is made will your orders be processed.
Concealed cash is at your own risk.
If you dun trust me, then please dun order from me.
Please make the payment first or I will not send you the item.
All prices are fixed, no bargaining allowed
No return or refunds will be accepted.
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We strongly encourage bank transfer for payment of postage item.
Normal Mail : $0.50 - $2.50 for per item
Registered Mail : Please add $2.30 on top of normal postage fee.
Please opt for registered mail if you don't trust normal mail.
We will not be responsible for lost mails.

Only do meet-ups if you purchase more then 5 items and above.
Only SengKang Mrt Station is $1.50.
Others meet-ups places will be charged 3dollars++.

Rakuten:  Foot Smooth Gel Price: $17.90
Of the foot is not interested stickily!
Refreshing a foot with gel for feet; プロフエール "feet mousse gel.
Mower っとした heat and a footprint, the trouble of the foot of the girl including the foot sliding at the age of the mule when a change tightens foot back pore to powder on a thing of skin quickly, and I keep dryness for a long time, and convergence ingredient aluminum solution took off boots and shoes are not available, and a lick does プロフエール "feet mousse gel" quickly, and form of gel convergence ロ - ション taking care of a foot stickily of a girl minding the smell of the foot by a lick of the morning obtain a foot quickly.